happy friday!

care package

It is a happy Friday indeed. A care package from my family has arrived! It’s filled with some of our favorite goodies from Trader Joe’s including the very important double roasted salsa (can’t find anything like it here) and taco seasoning mix. What can we say, we love our Mexican food.

Of course there is also the more serious stuff like mail. I was sent my first jury duty summons and a renewed driver’s license. Two things I can’t use or do anything about at the moment so I’ll just carry on filling my belly with dark chocolate covered edamame and roasted plantain chips. It’s going to be a savory weekend.

Last Friday I shared some links from the web and from the clicks of it, you liked them too! So from here on out I’ll list three web goodies for you to check out over the weekend. Here we go….

Incredible cliff diving silhouette photos from Max Wagner

30 creative ads using over-sized objects via Bored Panda (they’re the best at compiling these sorts of things).

My Pinterest boards. I avoided joining for as long as I could but I finally caved. And as feared, I’m now addicted. Join me on twitter too while you’re at it :)

Have a fantastic weekend…eat lots of yummy things!



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