weekend, we <3 you


Hi everyone, how was your weekend?

We stayed in London and while I love “getting away” I also love being a homebody. We got in a good mix of R&R at home and little outings around town like shopping and dining in Marylebone and walking along the canal in our neighborhood, Little Venice. We also got started on searching for a new flat to rent (or “let” here) by registering with a few local agents. No more of this living shower-less and bathing with a pitcher deal. I’ll keep you posted on what we find but please keep your fingers crossed that whatever it is, it has a modern bathroom!

Here are some of the places we discovered in Marylebone this weekend in case you’re in the neighborhood:
Trunk Clothiers (men’s shop) / Cocorino Boutique Italian Delicatessen & Espresso Room / Topkapi Mediterranean restaurant.

P.S. I sewed a little DIY project here on Sunday but I’ll share the details and results later this week :)


3 thoughts on “weekend, we <3 you

  1. I don’t remember how I came across your blog yesterday, but I just wanted to let you know that it’s gorgeous. I love all your photos and cheeriness and have been looking back through your older posts. We’ve just come back home to Australia after a month in that part of the world. London just left me wanting more time to discover it all!

    • Thanks so much for leaving a note, and welcome! It’s always nice to hear that people stumble across this little ol’ blog and enjoy it. Australia is another part of the world I have yet to explore even though I was born there. I’ll have to follow your blog for bits on it :)

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