{diy} customized camera strap – in a flash!

I bought this camera strap online but was not happy with it once it arrived. It was too wide and slippery for me and I missed the grip of the original Canon strap.

So, noticing that the “Canon” ribbon was simply sewn on, I decided to take it off and stitch on my own trimming. It was very simple to do. I think I spent more time deciding on the trimming pattern than actually putting it all together!

Since I currently don’t have a sewing machine, I first thought of placing the trimming with fabric glue. Though that would have been a good option, the sound and feel of a sewing machine beckoned and I found myself at Sew Over It using one of their machines for just £5 an hour. I had removed the Canon trimming before arriving at the studio so all I had to do was fold over the top edge of the new piece, sew that down, and then sew along each side. The trick is to find trimming that matches the width of the existing strap so that you don’t have to worry about folding the sides in or bulging the fabric.

I’m so happy with the results and love the idea of changing the trimming every so often. Also, this project made me realize that I can’t go too long without a sewing machine…it’s just a matter of time before I buy one of my own.


15 thoughts on “{diy} customized camera strap – in a flash!

  1. What an awesome idea! At the wedding we attended in London a few weeks ago, the official photographer said “I feel like I’ve come to a Canon convention”! Maybe if we all personalised our straps it wouldn’t be so branded and obvious that we’re part of the Canon fan club!

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  5. Hey. So I am looking at doing this for my bro, and I would love to know where or how you found such a cool strip of fabric to sew onto the strap. Thoughts? Thanks!

    • Hi, glad you like the diy! Your best bet will be a fabric and notions store where they sell ribbon. Just take your strap so you can find a ribbon that matches the width. Good luck!

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