shop hopping

I Feel Smug
Drink, Shop & Do
Hoxton Monster Supplies
Labour and Wait

Soon after moving here I attended a London Bloggers picnic and one of the gals that I met was Andrea of Lotus Events. She and her husband, originally from Vancouver, have been busy working on their first UK Got Craft? event happening this weekend. I’m really excited to check it out and support their work and that of other creatives. I just love me a good craft fair!

One of the things that I love about Andrea is that she seems to know about every little shop, cafe, and neighborhood in London – she really gets out there! So, when she asked me to do the photography for her Shop Tour guest posts on Poppytalk (great blog btw) I couldn’t resist. I’ve gotten to know some great little spots since working with Andrea and I can’t wait to see what else she comes up with.

The photos above are of some of the shops we’ve done so far. We have more on the way but I figured that these snippets were worth finally sharing!

I Feel Smug
Hoxton Street Monster Supplies (they recently launched their online shop!)
Drink, Shop & Do
Labour and Wait
Handmade Interiors

Oh and it’s time to announce the winner of the DIY Couture How to make a cloak book from last week’s post! Drumrroolllll pleasseee…….Penny Patten, congrats to you! I’ll be in touch via email ;) Thanks to everyone who commented, hopefully you got a little inspiration for a fun autumn fashion DIY!


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